Mobile Camouflage for Vehicles

Fibrotex Company unveiled its new mobile camouflage system for vehicles at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris

The system consists of a combination of colored fabrics to suit each and every destination. For example, a white fabric with brown "mud stains" that emulates snowy area was recently sold to a Scandinavian country. At the exhibition in Paris, the company presents a green camouflage version, which makes the vehicle under it disappear almost completely. According to Yosef Kraus, VP Marketing & Sales at Fibrotex, unlike camouflage nets that are spanned in a stationary manner, the new system also disguises the vehicle while driving, to a point where even the wheels of the vehicle have adequate coverage.

When stopped, the net can be anchored to the ground, so the vehicle can transform to a stationary observation post. Kraus says that the materials from which the system consists of  may greatly reduce the heat of the vehicle and the body heat of the soldiers, making it difficult to identify with thermal night vision equipment. The network also provides solutions against UV-based detectorsץ


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