Lithuania to Purchase 88 IFVs with Rafael-made Weapon Stations

The German Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicles will be delivered to Lithuania with Rafael's weapon stations that include 30 mm cannons and “Spike LR” antitank missiles

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense announced today (August 22) that it signed a contract of procuring 88 "Boxer" Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) for the Lithuanian Armed Forces, for 385.6 million Euros. The Boxer IFV is manufactured by the German Artech Company.

By the contract, the "Boxer" IFVs will be equipped with Rafael-made turrets and armed with 30 mm cannons and “Spike LR” antitank missiles. The average price of each weapon station will amount to 4.38 million Euros.

Lithuania and the IFV manufacturer agreed that the vehicles would be renamed from “Boxer” to IFV “Vilkas”. The first “Vilkas” IFVs are expected to be delivered in late 2017, and the rest would arrive by 2021.