Joint Aerospace R&D: Israel-Florida

The Chief Scientist in the Israeli Ministry of Economy and the State of Florida are launching a joint designated program for the funding of Israeli companies’ R&D in the field of space technologies

The joint program of the State of Florida and the Chief Scientist in the Israeli Ministry of Economy , was signed and approved in the recent weeks. The funding of the research and development program, will amount to at least a million USD in the first year, and is expected to grow in the following five years in which the program will run, according to a report on the Ministry of Economy’s website.

The office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy, announced a Call for Participation for all Israeli companies developing aerospace technologies.

The program involves a variety of fields related to space and aviation, among others; communications satellite, launch vehicles, robotics, sensors, space applications, integration, environmental testing, bio - sensors, special materials and coatings for space applications, unmanned aircraft and more.

The implementer of the program in Florida will be Space Florida, an organization which operates aerospace programs in the country in cooperation with leading companies in this field in the US. An Israeli company applying for R&D cooperation in the context of this program may receive funding of up to 50% of the R&D recognized expenses from the Chief Scientist, subject to the rules of the Chief Scientist for International Cooperation.

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Photo: AP

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