IWI Supplied Sniper Rifles to SAS

A team of the British SAS used the sniper rifle to eliminate an ISIS commander in a covert operation

According to the publication in express website, IWI supplied Dan .338 sniper rifles. This rifle was used by a team of the elite SAS to eliminate an ISIS commander.

During this operation, two four-man teams sneaked into a jihadi compound to set up their vantage point 12 hours ahead of the kill. Meanwhile a secondary team of 12 waited beyond the combat zone ready for extraction, in case the mission went wrong.

The target was an ISIS commander, who at that time taught jihadist how to decapitate. The commander was killed during class, and all 20 twenty young fighters fled to the camp because of the incident.

IWI launched the Dan .338 sniper rifle in June 2014 during the Eurosatory exhibition. The development of the rifle was done in collaboration with IDF Special Forces. The rifle delivers high accuracy at distances up to 1,200 meters (1,312 yards).

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