IWI Launches New Sight for TAVOR and X95

IWI launches a foldable, detachable, stainless steel sight for the TAVOR and X95 Families of assault rifles. It functions as a standard sight, and will be supplied as part of the rifle package

IWI Sights on the X95

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) launches a foldable, detachable, stainless steel sight designed for the TAVOR and X95 families of assault rifles, functioning as a standard sight connected via Picatinny rails. It will be supplied as part of TAVOR and X95 rifles package. Platforms include additional back-up sights built into the Picatinny rails.

Meeting military standards - MIL-STD - the sight can be quickly removed in order to install reflex sights, telescopes, night vision devices and more. Enabling night shooting via built-in Tritium illumination, the new stainless steel sight can be ordered without Tritium lighting, in order to meet specific local regulations. Each sight can be individually replaced when needed. Calibration is easy and user-friendly, requiring no special tools – and is unaffected by sight detachment.

It should be noted that this is the first time IWI, which specializes in the development and production of weapons, develops and manufactures a product of the optical field – a removable sight designed for clients who do not want a permanent one.

The TAVOR family was developed in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), based on lessons learned from actual combat, complying with the most stringent NATO standards for small arms. The TAVOR is in service in the IDF Infantry and Special Forces as well as in other countries throughout the world. It has a bull pup configuration, a barrel length and weapon size that cover all soldier's fighting ranges – from 500 meters to indoor operations, fighting from vehicles, urban areas, etc.

The X95 (Micro Tavor) is designed for law enforcement and Special Forces. Developed in close cooperation with elite units and tailored to their specific requirements, it was created to deal with modern terror threats, as well as urban and open area combat – all in one mission. It is the standard Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Assault Rifle, and is the only weapon available with 3 different calibers.