Israeli Solution for Phone Smuggling into Mauritius Prison

MCTECH will upgrade the Jamming System of Mauritius National Prison. The system will prevent inmates from using smuggled cellphones

MCTECH RF Technologies announced that it won a contract to upgrade the existing jamming system of the National Prison of Mauritius.

The company, which specializes in blocking RF frequencies such as cellular frequencies, WIFI, VHF/UHF, GPS and others, will upgrade the existing cellular jammers setup, following a new deployment of cellular networks.

Ido Bar-Oz, Vice President of MCTECH says, "This in an example for an extraordinary vote of confidence on behalf of our customers in the products we supply.

"Several years ago, the company supplied Jamming Systems that met the need of the cellular network back then. Today, due to the upgrade of the cellular network in Mauritius, the Jamming systems need to be upgrade, and once again, the country's authorities chose MCTECH as their supplier.

"Our systems completely prevent inmates from using smuggled cellphones communication in prison, while still allowing the use of cellular phones outside the prison walls in just a few meters away".

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