Israeli Airbases in Azerbaijan

“Foreign Policy Magazine” is reporting that Israel received permission to use four abandoned airbase in the Azerbaijan near Iran’s border

Israeli Airbases in Azerbaijan

Is Israel maintaining airbases in Azerbaijan? “Foreign Policy Magazine” is reporting that Israel has obtained permission from the Azerbaijani government to use four abandoned air force bases, located close to Iran’s border.

According to US sources, these are abandoned bases from the soviet era in the country. A former US intelligence senior official told the magazine, “It’s not certain that there’s a signed agreement between Jerusalem and Baku. However, I’m sure that if Israel wants to use those bases as part of an attack on Iran – no one in Azerbaijan would have an issue with it. After all, the countries have had strong ties for two decades.”

“We are following the developments between Israel and Azerbaijan," said another source in the US administration, “and we are not happy over them.” A source in the CIA told the magazine that in his opinion, Israel would not use the airbases in the framework of the initial attack of Iran’s nuclear facility. Rather, they would be used in the event of another attack.

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