Israel is preparing for an agreement with Iran. Ya'alon: "It would be a historic mistake"

Representatives of the powers and Iran will likely announce, in a few hours, the signing of an agreement regarding Iranian nuclear program. Iran reportedly managed to achieve an agreement on the removal of the arms embargo and the economic sanctions imposed on it


Reports from Vienna are causing fear in Israel: tonight the powers and Iran will apparently announce the signing of an agreement regarding Iranian nuclear program. Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon said Sunday that "the West may sign a bad agreement that is full of unprecedented concessions with a blood-soaked, ruthless regime that spreads terrorism throughout the world and undermines the very foundations of the free world. It would be a historic mistake."

According to foreign media reports, the parties reached an agreement on most issues, and it appears that the sanctions against Iran will be removed immediately upon signing the agreement, including the arms embargo. This last issue was one of "mines" that led to the repeated extensions of the deadline for reaching an agreement. Iran demanded the removal of the embargo, while the US opposed. It appears that the White House decided to be flexible and agreed to lift the arms embargo, even if not immediately according to some reports.

It was also agreed, according to reports, that UN inspectors will be able to access the Iranian military nuclear facilities only by prior arrangement with the Iranian authorities. This is one of the problematic sections of the agreement, if the reports regarding it will be proven to be correct. In this way, there could be no real, tightly controlled supervision of Iran's military nuclear program.

Meanwhile, reports from Iran indicate that Tehran has been preparing for a round of celebrations, which will kick off with the announcement of the signing of the agreement. If the reports regarding the agreement will be proven to be correct, this is a tremendous achievement Iran. The Islamic Republic can become a de facto threshold state, rebuild its faltering economy, and increase its influence in the Middle East.

It should be noted that after signing the agreement, US President Barack Obama would have to use his influence on members of Congress so that they would approve the agreement. In the meantime, it seems that the Republicans, who control the Congress, will do anything in their power to prevent what they call "a very bad agreement ".

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