ISIS' Cyber Caliphate Attacks US Media

A hacker group who identifies with ISIS is attacking media outlets in the US and is claiming it had managed to hack into FBI databases. The FBI has no responded to the claims, but according a report on NYDailyNews, the organization investigates the Group's involvement in events

The FBI is investigating a series of hacks on US news outlets by Cyber Caliphate, whom you can find on Twitter under the name @cybercaliphate. According to a report on nydailynews, the group that claims to be part of ISIS, and the suspicion is that it recently hacked into media sites in the US (like the Syrian cyber army have) as well as into the database of the FBI.

The Cyber Caliphate has been brought on FBI's radar after a series of hacks against news outlets in Maryland, Albuquerque. The hacker group took over the twitter accounts of the Albuquerque Journal and WBOC 16 and posted several confidential documents including driver's licenses, corrections records and addresses. The group also claimed to have hacked into FBI databases.

"You'll see no mercy infidels. We are already here, we are in your PCs, in each house, in each office. With Allah's permission we began with New-Mexico and will come to every state, inshallah," Cyber Caliphate wrote on their Facebook page, which was taken down shortly after. "We won't stop… We know all your personal data: where you live, what you eat, your diseases, and even your health insurance cards". The FBI did not respond to the report at the request of the website.

The hacker group not only hacked WBOC's Twitter account, but they also posed as one of their reporters and posted a link to their homepage with stolen confidential information. The documents that were posted had no link to residents in the Maryland area, nor were they from the TV station's database, said Craig Jahelka, station general manager at WBOC. The journal had already been hacked back in December when their homepage's main story was replaced with material that expressed support for ISIS.