From "Iron Dome" to "Cyber Dome"

The second day of CyberTech 2015 has opened at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in Tel Aviv. During the first day, Dr. Daniel Gold, of the head of the "Iron Dome" project, announced he is about to submit a proposal to the government for the development of multilayered defense systems for dealing with the threat of cyber attacks in various fields

What's between the Iron Dome and the Cyber Dome? The "father" of the Iron Dome project, Dr. Daniel Gold, likens the anti-rocket system and the defense of the country against cyber attacks.

In his lecture at CyberTech 2015, Dr. Gold said he is heading a team that will soon submit a master plan to the government for dealing with cyber in the civil and commercial areas. In this context, he explained his argument: "with the threat of missiles and rockets the threatening actor reaches achievements without having a direct contact with our forces. Operating missiles and rockets is inexpensive, simple, causes a war of attrition, you can send out barrages and all while having a low-level signature. The Cyber ​​threat is similar in its features: low pro