Iran Explosion: The Insights

What can we know about the explosion that occurred in northern Iran? Ronen Solomon analyzes the reports of a mysterious explosion at an "oil storage facility" in Qazvin

Iran Explosion: The Insights

As inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency are in Tehran as part of the agreement between Iran and the powers, a large and mysterious explosion took place on Tuesday evening in the city of Kzbin located west of Tehran. According to reports, about 50 people were injured in the explosion, of which the cause is still unknown.

The incident occurred on the day in which a team of inspectors of the IAEA is visiting the nearby Tehran, headed by the Deputy Director General who came to meet with Iranian nuclear officials and visit the country's nuclear facilities, in accordance with the outline of the agreement signed between the superpowers, the IAEA and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

On Tuesday morning, the team visited the uranium mine in the Yazd province. The agreement allows IAEA inspectors to visit the heavy water reactor in Arak, arrange a visit to the laser center in Lashkar Ab'ad, visit the uranium mine in Sagand and access the uranium enrichment facility in Ardakan which allows to produce 60 tons of uranium in a "Yellowcake" condition – uranium that, after assembly with fluorine, is used for entering the centrifuge at enrichment facilities such as Natanz and Fordow. The team is expected to complete its mission and return to Vienna on Wednesday night.

Industrial chemical activates are ongoing for years in Qazvin, some in defense facilities whose products are associated with development of chemical weapons of mass destruction, as well as suspected development of materials related to Iran's nuclear program .

Located on the outskirts of the city is a regional Artillery base, nearby storage sites and industrial facilities, surrounded by recently built infrastructure for deployment of air defense batteries.

Over the years, Iran has engaged in concealing its secret facilities through mobilization of technologies and materials from a storage that has been exposed by the Agency to a new hiding place. Iran recently dismantled its physics institute for military research operating near the University "Malek Ashtar". According to IAEA reports and the Iranian opposition, this institute coordinated the secretresearch for the development of Iranian nuclear weapons. Satellite imagery also revealed land clearing operations.

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