Inside 'the Glasshouse': How Iran is running the War in Syria

The Daily Mail reveals that Iran is managing the fighting in Syria from a special Headquarters in Damascus

Inside 'the Glasshouse': How Iran is running the War in Syria

Iran is shoring up the Syrian regime from a secret HQ in Damascus nicknamed ‘the Glasshouse’, and commanding a huge covert army in support of Assad, according to a report on the

The Iranian HQ, which plays a pivotal role in supporting Assad's regime alongside Russia, contains intelligence and counterintelligence operations, and has vaults packed with millions of dollars in cash flown in from Tehran.

The allegations are contained in a dossier of reports apparently leaked by senior sources inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and collated by the dissident activists who oppose the Iranian regime.

A number of departments are based inside 'the Glasshouse', including counterintelligence, logistics, propaganda and foreign mercenary command. The Iranian intelligence services, who are in charge of the base, are said to occupy the top two floors. The building is also said to contain prayer rooms, a 20-bed private clinic for wounded senior officers, and facilities for holding millions of dollars in cash, which are reportedly kept in the basement. 

When Revolutionary Guard soldiers arrive in Syria, the HQ apparently issues them a white card containing a special code, which is handed back when they leave.

The 180-room building is said to be positioned very close to an airstrip nicknamed ‘Muhammad Ali’, making it easy for Iranian military chiefs to receive deliveries of troops, cash and equipment – and to escape should Damascus fall. Anti-blast walls form a square around the perimeter, which is guarded by heavily armed troops. Up to 1,000 personnel work at the secret base, and all must undergo an intensive security screening.

Sources say Tehran is putting down military roots in 18 locations from northern to southern Syria, showing how it intends to control large swathes of the country even if Assad is defeated. This information was uncorroborated by other sources.

One page of the leaked dossier reveals the secret command structure Iranian-controlled forces in Syria:

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