IMI to Sell EXTRA Rocket Systems to Vietnam

The EXTRA will constitute another important layer in Vietnam's coastal defense, especially protection from China

According to defense-studies website, IMI will sell twenty accurate EXTRA rockets to Vietnam. The report indicates that the EXTRA has a range of around 150 km and a circular error probability (CEP) of about 10 meters.

EXTRA capable of launching from a variety of means to carry, launch tubes are assembled in clusters of 2 to 16 to release results from the ground. Cluster launch tubes can be mounted on trucks or in highly mobile battlefield fixed. EXTRA can appropriately arranged on the islands are small as some floating islands of the Spratly Islands of Vietnam.

Along with its 4K51 Rubezh, Bal-E, Bastion-P and REDUT, the EXTRA system will help the Vietnamese Navy to form a network of integrated coastal defense. Mainly from China.

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