IMI Establishes New HLS Directorate

IMI intends to expand its activity in the field of homeland and home command security in the framework of a directorate, which will concentrate all the know-how and expertise it has accumulated. The HLS directory is to be headed by Nir Regev, former head of Security Division at the PM’s office

IMI Establishes New HLS Directorate

A new directory to be dedicated exclusively to HLS issues has just been launched by IMI (Israel Military Industry). The new dedicated directorate is to be headed by Nir Regev, former security division chief at the Prime Minister’s Office.

IMI currently operates in a variety of homeland security fields, including civilian defensive positions against missiles, securing public buildings’ rooftops and protecting strategic installations.

IMI also develops a range of weapon systems, including rifle bullets and guns for police units and special forces. These operations continue alongside IMI’s counter terrorism college, specializing in professional training for security details and national installations in Israel and worldwide, as well as IMI’s crisis management and emergency response, requiring control and coordination between various systems.

The new directorate will promote IMI’s unique abilities and values in a variety of relevant fields, such as monitoring and tracing explosives, non-lethal ammunition, security measures and unique security means for strategic and national facilities, hazardous materials’ depots, transportation and marine installations.

In issue 23 of Israel Defense magazine, a special and extensive section will be dedicated for HLS as part of the cooperation with the Israel Export Institute in the HLS Conference to be held from 9-12 November 2014. The issue, published in November, will include interviews with leading figures in the field and all the exclusive news of developments in the field.

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