IDF Testing MSE Sights

The company is expected to deliver thousands of new reflex sights by the end of 2013

IDF Testing MSE Sights

MSE (Marksmanship Sniper Excellence), a member of the SDS group, launched a new assembly line for its family of new reflex sights, of which it has already delivered hundreds of units of two different models to Latin American countries and to the US in recent weeks. The new assembly line will produce five new models, and by the end of this year, SME is expected to deliver thousands more of these sights to various countries.

The sight models recently delivered to the US and Latin America are the AQC-1 and the AQC-2. Additionally, three sights of the AQC-1, AQC-1B and AQC-1C models are competing for an IDF tender and are currently undergoing tests.

MSE's reflex sights feature three built-in reticle types, enabling the user to select the reticle most suitable to the different combat conditions, in open terrain or in a built-up area for instance. A particularly large sight window (25x34mm and 30x35mm) allows for quick target acquisition and a remote operating PTT cable enables the user to activate the sight, select the desired reticle type and control the brightness level, all without letting go of his grip on his firearm. The zeroing knobs are manipulated by the user manually, with no need for any special tools or accessories.

After 30 minutes without movement, the sight can switch to sleep mode, which extends battery life, and a built-in motion sensor will reactivate it automatically when needed, with no involvement on the user's part. Finally, the sight is adaptable to all night vision device types.

Lt. Col. (Res.) Mikey Hartman, MSE CEO, partner and the former head of the IDF's marksmanship layout, said "After a very intensive 14-month period, we managed to institutionalize the assembly line for our family of sights. We truly believe we have jointly succeeded in producing the optimal sight for fighters on the ground, which makes them faster and more accurate fighters who are better prepared for any possible scenario."

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