Hagel Resigned Under Pressure from the President

A score settled or a professional decision? While Obama claims Hagel cannot handle the Islamic State, others say he is looking for someone who is more of a "Yes Man"

Hagel Resigned Under Pressure from the President

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned. According to a report on nytimes, the President is expected to announce the resignation of Hagel after receiving the request to resign on Friday. The officials described Obama's decision to remove Hagel as a recognition that the threat of the Islamic State requires a different set of skills from those Hagel posses.

"The next couple of years will demand a different kind of focus", a senior administration official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. He insisted that Hagel was not fired, saying that the defense secretary initiated discussions about his future two weeks ago with the president, and that the two mutually agreed it was time for him to leave.

Hagel's resignation appears as an effort of the White House to show that Obama is attentive to the critics that indicated "stumbles" in the government's response to some national security issues, including the Ebola crisis and the threat posed by the Islamic state. However, there are claims that Obama wants someone who will be more of a "Yes Man". Hagel aroused the ire of the White House last August when he contradicted Obama's strategy of fighting the Islamic state.

Who will replace Hagel? At the top of the list stands Michèle Flournoy, a former Under Secretary of Defense; Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island and a former officer, and Ashton Carter, former Deputy Secretary of Defense.

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