Government Approved: CAA Can Manufacture Small Arms in Israel

The Israeli government approved CAA, a new weapons manufacturer. According to Israel Defense's sources, in the first stage the company plans to focus on producing an advanced and modern variant of the AK rifle. However, the government's decision allows the company to develop additional tools, including pistols

CAA received a permit from the Israeli government for the production small arms, including variant of rifles – M16, Kalashnikov and Galil – and pistols. CAA is known for its improvements that it develops and manufactures for small arms. The company operates a plant in Kiryat Gat and owner of the company is Moshe Oz. According to a 2013 report on Globes, the company has an annual turnover of about 50 million, with most of the production directed for export to the US market.

The government's decision puts the company in competition with IWI, Silver Shadow – manufacturer of the Gilboa rifles, Emtan Karmiel – manufacturer of AR-15 and M16-style rifles, and Bul – manufacturer of Cherokee-type and M-5 pistols.