The Fronts are Heating Up

Hours before the Palestinian unity government was sworn, the IDF attacked in Gaza in response to rocket fire. In the Northern region the IDF responded with artillery fire to a mortar shell fired from Syria. In all the events, there were no injuries or damage to Israeli forces

The Fronts are Heating Up

The Fronts are Heating Up: IDF retaliated with artillery fire at targets in Syria after Syrian mortar shell exploded near the outpost of Mount Hermon. IDF spokesperson said there were no casualties or damage on the Israeli side and that "the IDF reserves the right to act in any way and at any time it sees fit to protect the people of Israel." The IDF is investigating whether it was a deliberate shooting or a stray mortar shell that flew from Syria.

And in the South: IAF aircraft attacked two centers of terrorist activity in southern and central Gaza in response to rocket fired into Israeli territory during the night. The IDF spokesperson said that "all of our planes returned safely to their bases. The IDF will not tolerate attempts to harm Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers, and will act against anyone who uses terror against the State of Israel," the IDF said in the statement. "The terrorist organization Hamas is the address, and responsibility lies with it./>

The IAF attack and rocket attacks occur several hours before the swearing in of the unity government between Hamas and Fatah in Ramallah. Israel is apprehensive about the formation of the government. US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and expressed concern over the government coalition, which includes representatives of Hamas.

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