First Published: IBM, EMC, Matrix, Cisco and Rafael to establish the National CERT

The group won the tender for the construction of Israel's national CERT, a national-level cyber operation room that will operate under the National Cyber ​​Bureau, headed by Dr. Eviatar Matania

First Published: IBM, EMC, Matrix, Cisco and Rafael to establish the National CERT

Israel Defense has learned that a group of companies including IBM, EMC, Cisco, Matrix and Rafael has won the tender to build the national CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). This team will be created in order to protect against cyber attacks. The national CERT will operate under the National Cyber Bureau. Rafael functions as the group's main contractor for the establishment of CERT headquarters.

The National Cyber ​​Bureau, established in early 2012 by the Prime Minister, is responsible for setting up the CERT. The Bureau is headed by Dr. Eviatar Matania, a former commander of the elite Talpiot program in the Air Force and a former member of MAFAT (the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure) in the IMOD. The establishment of national Computer Emergency Response Team as part of the Bureau is intended to improve the protection against cyber attacks.

The CERT is not considered an enforcement body, or a guiding body (such as ISA, for example, which gives instructions to several dozen companies that are considered critical for the national infrastructure, on how to defend against cyber attacks). Nonetheless, anybody can turn to it for advice or assistance. Even individuals.

The center is expected to employ dozens of workers in the first phase of its esteblishment. It will be located at the "cyber hub" being established in Be'er Sheva. The names of the winners are expected to be published within a few weeks.

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