Fighting Ebola and the Israeli Connection

Organizations working to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus are using isolation tents made by Israeli company Beth-El, in order to conduct medical tests while reducing the risk to staff

Fighting Ebola and the Israeli Connection

The global fight against the Ebola virus brings to a peak the demand for isolation tents manufactured by the Israeli company Beth-El Industries. How is it linked? It turns out that organizations worldwide use the tents to treat people whom are suspected to be infected with the disease.

Beth-El Industries, located in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, was established by a community of Germans who settled in Israel and are now engaged in manufacturing various measures of protection again biological and chemical weapons. The company's products are being integrated into buildings, combat vehicles, luxury cars and on the ground. The tent was originally developed to serve as a protected field hospital for combat zones. The air inside the tent is filtered and discharged through a blower.

The massive demand for Israeli isolation tents is a result of many organizations that are working to eradicate the disease in Africa, which asked to obtain them. The tents will be used to carry out medical tests with minimal risk of contracting the virus by the medical staff. Even the US agencies ordered tents that will operate adjacent to stone-built clinics. The people of Beth-El Industries are preparing to produce a large quantity of tents to meet the demand.

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