Elbit Systems' New Drone

The company enters the field of drones via collaboration with the Flying Production Company. Their new drone is presented at the Elbit Systems booth at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris


Flying Production Company was founded five years ago in Israel. Other than developing the drone, the company has also developed control systems that have been operated in other aerial vehicles, such as the aerostat of RT Aerostats Systems, a subsidiary of Aeronautics.

The drone in question can maintain communication with the operator at a range of 10 km and carry a variety of payloads up to 5.5 kg. Its communication is encrypted, and some of its systems have backup mechanisms in case of malfunction. The flight is fully automated, allowing the operator to focus on the mission instead of on flying the drone.

Amir Bettesh of Elbit Systems' ISTAR division, which also includes the UAVs and electro-optics fields, stated, "rather than developing a drone ourselves, we looked for the best product and decided to become partners. Some of the components of the drone also exist in other systems of Elbit Systems, like Controp's payloads. It certainly can complement our systems for the tactical echelon, such as the Skylark UAV and perform additional tasks."


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