Elbit Systems' “SPEAR” Makes its First Appearance

The new patent-pending 120mm light vehicle-mounted Recoil Mortar System provides ground forces with improved mobility, lethality and accuracy, will be presented at the 3rd International Fire Conference organized by IsraelDefense

Elbit Systems' “SPEAR” Makes its First Appearance

Elbit Systems will showcase its latest autonomous Recoil Mortar System (RMS) for lightweight 4x4 combat vehicles at the 3rd International Fire Conference, held May 10-22, 2014, at ”Beit Hatotchan” in Zikron Ya’akov, Israel.

The Fire Conference is produced by the Israel Artillery Association in cooperation with IsraelDefense.

Introducing a revolutionary technology, the advanced 2nd generation RMS reduces 120mm gun barrel firing recoil loads from 30 to less than 10 tons, enabling adaptability with previously non-installable Light Combat Vehicles (LCVs), such as (Humvees), jeeps and more. This capability significantly improves the maneuverability and operational performance of infantry forces, as it delivers immediate indirect artillery support for effectively engaging a wide range of targets.

SOLTAM SPEAR's lightweight, modular design enables high-speed, all-terrain vehicle mobility, as well as helicopter and cargo aircraft transportability - allowing rapid deployment in both close range and Special Forces counterinsurgency operations. SOLTAM SPEAR is equipped with cutting-edge fire control, navigation, automatic aiming and propulsion systems, which facilitate a fully-autonomous operation and provide increased fire power and accuracy (within 30 meters of the Circular Error Probability (CEP) radius. In addition, the RMS’’ advanced target data collection and identification capabilities enhance situational awareness and increase crew survivability. SOLTAM SPEAR is offered both independently as a standalone installation or as an integral part of a larger artillery unit or formation. It is compatible with all types of 120mm smooth bore mortar systems and munitions.

Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land and C4I, noted: Elbit Systems is a world leader in the field of mortar systems, and the CARDOM mortar is already in use by the IDF and other leading armed forces around the world. The SPEAR provides our customers with a broader range of capabilities and further establishes our leading position in this field. SPEAR addresses the operational demand for agile, accurate and precise mobile fire power, which enables operation deep within combat zones and the deployment of Special Forces. The full integration of SPEAR into Elbit Systems’ C4I systems allows  rapid closure of sensor-to-shooter loops and enhanced operational effectiveness for ground forces”.

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Photo: Neta Schreiber, Osnat Tirosh (Chief People and Corporate Development Officer for Cellebrite), Adi Guzi, and Ronnen Armon (Chief Products and Technology Officer for Cellebrite). Photo: PR / Cellebrite

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