Eighth "Iron Dome" Battery Activated

MAFAT has completed the deployment of an additional battery of the Iron Dome system to help protect large areas from the threat of rockets

Eighth "Iron Dome" Battery Activated

Minister of Defense visits Rafael (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, IMOD)

MAFAT administration of the Ministry of Defense and the defense industries involved in developing "Iron Dome" – Rafael and IAI – successfully transferred to the IDF, in record time, an additional battery of the air defense system.

The new battery, the eighth one to be acquired by the IDF, was given to the IAF on Friday afternoon, and it became operational in the evening hours. According to the Ministry of Defense, the battery will allow to protect additional areas across the country from the threat of rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, the Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon met with the heads of Rafael and IAI – Rafael Chairman Itzik Gat and CEO Didi Yaari; and IAI Chairman Rafi Maor and CEO Yossi Weiss. "I want to thank and express great appreciation for the activity of the Iron Dome system. The system has had outstanding achievements, which first and foremost are saving lives, giving us broad choices in the battle against Hamas and are sending a message to the countries and organizations around us who hoard massive amounts of missiles and rockets. The impressive performance of the Iron Dome system are of strategic significance for the state of Israel, its defense and the security of its citizens, and I would like you to pass on my gratitude, and the gratitude of the citizens of Israel, to the engineers, developers and system manufacturers", said Ya'alon in the meeting.

The seventh Iron Dome battery was delivered just a few days ago to the IAF, just before the onset of "Operation Protective Edge".

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