Druze Attack May Lead to Israeli Involvement in Syria

Following the deadly June 10th attack in Syria that resulted in the deaths of 23 Syrian Druze, the Israeli Druze community in Israel is calling for the state to intervene in the ongoing conflict


Members of Israel's Druze minority wave their flags during a march in the Druze village of Yarka, Israel, Sunday, June 14, 2015 (Photo: AP)

The deadly June 10th attack in Syria that resulted in the deaths of 23 Syrian Druze is now causing the Israeli Druze community to urge the state to intervene in the conflict.

IDF's Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot publicly announced that the military would intervene in necessary in the case of a Druze massacre in Syria. Israel had previously tried to stay as neutral as possible in the conflict, but this situation may prove otherwise.

The Druze, an ethnic minority in both Israel and Syria, has assimilated well into Israeli society and are seen as religious brothers by many. Furthermore, they have reached senior positions in the Israeli military and government, and thus hold political sway.

When U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey came to Israel recently, the Israeli President, Prime Minister, and Defense Minister all raised the concern for the Druze in Syria. This shows an incredible concern for the plight of this ethnic minority in both states.

The Nusra Front, the group that perpetrated the attacks on the Druze last week, issued an apology. They claimed the attacks were an “unjustifiable mistake”. This may be earnest, or could be a result of the fear that the Druze may arm themselves as a result of this recent event. Israeli Druze has raised about $2.5 million for their counterparts in Syria. There is speculation that this may be used to by arms in case of future attacks.


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