"Continuous Contact with Ofek-11 has been Attained"

The Israeli Defense Ministry gave its official confirmation that the Ofek-11 spy satellite that was launched last week has been stabilized and transmitted first images from space


Photo: IMOD

The Israeli satellite Ofek-11 on Thursday started to transmit images from space after many days in which no one in the Israeli aerospace industry was sure about its fate.

“Starting September 13, we’ve been engaged in taking down one subsystem after another until we got control of the satellite,” said Amnon Harari, head of the space administration in the Defense Ministry, adding that “now it’s been giving operation-grade production, excellent pictures."

"We activated the satellite’s cameras, and the images look great,” Harari stated. “We examined all the satellite’s systems and are in continuous contact with it. It will provide us with operational productivity thanks to the joint effort of the engineering and operation teams at the Defense Ministry and Israel Aerospace Industries."

"We have worked together in order to reach the very impressive achievement in the form of lovely images,” stated Head of the IAI’s MBT Space Division Ofer Doron. “We managed to stabilize Ofek-11. We cannot give any details regarding its capabilities, but the main thing is that we have excellent images. It was a difficult birth and the satellite’s operation is complicated but nonetheless we managed to get exceptional images."