Closing Military Attaché Office in Switzerland, Opening in Greece

First publication: The IDF and the MOD decided to open a representative office in Greece, against the background of the damping relations with Turkey

The IDF and the Ministry of Defense decided to close the military attaché office in Switzerland this summer. Concurrently, it was decided to open a new military attaché office in Greece, as a counterweight to the decline of defense relations with Turkey.

So far, the military attaché in Italy was also responsible for transactions and security relations in Greece, but Athens will now get a permanent military attaché who will address security relations between the two countries.

The decision was not accepted without controversy within the defense establishment, since Switzerland traditionally buys Israeli security means in larger amounts than Greece.

The IDF and the Ministry of Defense said in response that "the deployment of foreign military attaché is determined depending on an overall assessment of the situation, consists of needs, resources, and other relevant elements."

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