Climbing the Walls

Terrorist have taken hostages and are hiding inside of a building. Someone has to rescue them. This is the kind of scenario the elite fighters of the Counter-Terrorism Unit deal with. Here is a rare look into their special training

“The soldiers specializing in elevated combat learn how to use heights to their advantage,” explains one of the instructor, Lieutenant R, during a recent training. “Take the maximum number of positions in a minimum amount of time,” he orders the soldiers. “Don’t forget, the only way to neutralize the terrorist is by climbing on top of the roof and breaking through the window of their hiding place.” These are the lieutenant’s last words before the elite fighters take on their mission.

“These unique fighters are an important component of the Counter-Terrorism Unit – especially in the case of hostages. They provide tactical tools for situations where we need to act in an unconventional way,” summarizes Lieutenant R.

Height is a major factor that challenges the soldier’s every move. They must learn to fire their weapons while suspended on a rope and to carry weight while scaling the walls of a building. “Of course it’s difficult,” says Sergeant A, a soldier in the unit. “You have to learn how to use your tools from scratch and how to take advantage of some of the situational differences.”

“Actually, the hardest thing is making absolutely no sound during the operation. Sometimes, you are meters away from the terrorist and the success of the operation depends on the element of surprise. You have to neutralize the terrorist before he detects you.”

Article originally published on IDF Blog

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