CIA Supervising Transfer of Weapons from Turkey to Syrian Rebels

The New York Times is reporting that the CIA is assisting with the transfer of weapons to the rebelling forces in Syria and working to prevent the transfer of weapons to armed forces associated with al Qaeda

CIA Supervising Transfer of Weapons from Turkey to Syrian Rebels

Syrian Rebels (Photo: AP)

The New York Times is reporting today (Thursday) that several agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are covertly operating in southern Turkey in the framework of a Turkish effort to deliver weapons to rebel forces in Syria.

The agents are also assisting with the decision to which rebel organizations the weapons should be transferred. The newspaper is relying on official US sources and intelligence officers from Arab countries.

The weapons are primarily automatic rifles, grenade and rocket launchers, and antitank missiles being transferred through the Turkish border via a covert network of intermediaries, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. The weapons and funds are being provided by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

The US administration has claimed that the US is not providing weapons to Syrian rebels. However, a senior US official told the newspaper that CIA agents are present in Turkey, in part in order to prevent weapons from reaching the hands of fighters identified with al Qaeda or other terror organizations.

Within this, the Al Arabiya network reported this week that US and British satellites are monitoring the movements of the Syrian regime's forces, and delivering them to opposition headquarters through the CIA and the MA6 British intelligence service.

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