Behind Bars

ISA has revealed that in recent months it had discovered 11 cases of security prisoners who tried to carry out attacks and kidnappings of Israeli soldiers and civilians

Behind Bars

Cleared for publication: 11 cases in which security prisoners prompted operatives to commit kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and civilians, have been identified and exposed by the ISA (Shin Beit) in cooperation with the Prison Service, beginning September 2013.

Some of the axial were exposed/foiled in recent months; most of them were motivated by imprisoned for bargaining their release. Half the time prisoners from Fatah led the activity, and in other cases – from Hamas and Islamic organizations.

Against some of those involved, an ISA investigation is carried out these days.

A network of Fatah members, who planned, with the assistance of family members, to perform a kidnapping attack, was exposed in last March. It should be noted that less than a year ago, the abduction of the solider Tomer Chazan was carried out, in late September – an attack which was propel by Nour Eddin Omar, a Tanzim operative imprisoned since 2003, an executed through his brother Nadal Omar. Its purpose, which was not realized (due to the thwart of kidnappers by interrogators and finding the body of the soldier), was to negotiate the release of prisoners.

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