Bases in Africa

The intelligence agency Stratfor is reporting that Israel and Iran have bases established in Eritrea, and that Israel is operating from there to prevent the smuggling of weapons from Iran

The private intelligence agency Stratfor is reporting that Israel has military bases in Eritrea. According to the agency, Iran also has bases established in the north-eastern African country.

According to the report, Israel maintains a intelligence listening station at the peak of  Emba Soire, a mountain reaching a height of 3,000 meters above the sea level, and at anchorages at the Dahlak Archipelago in the Red Sea. It has been claimed in the past that the same anchorages are used by Israeli Navy submarines and vessels, operating against the Iranian networks that smuggle weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah.

The weapon shipments depart from Iran to Sudan on ships, and from there to Egypt, to the Gaza Strip or to Lebanon and Syria. According to foreign publications, Israel has attacked weapon convoys in Sudan several time, one of which transpired several weeks ago.

According to the reports, Iran also has a military presence at Port Assab in southern Eritrea. Stratfor claims that Eritrea is the recipient of assistance funds from Iran and military assistance from Israel, and allows them to have bases in its territory in order to strengthen the country’s regional status.