"Azerbaijan Revamps Coast Guard with Israeli-made Ships"

Jane's magazine: Azerbaijan's Cost Guard has purchased six Shaldag Mk V patrol boats and six Saar 62 offshore patrol vessel "manufactured by Israel Shipyards"

Shaldag Mk V patrol boat (Photo: IDF Navy)

The International defense magazine "Jane's" reports that Azerbaijan has bought six Shaldag Mk V patrol boats and six Saar 62 offshore patrol vessel. According to the report published in the magazine, the purchase came to light flowing the release of images from the commissioning of a new naval shipyard in Azerbaijan, which showed the vessel during handling and construction in the shipyards.

The new shipyard, which according to the magazine is being built at Torkan in Baku, is also believed to have been built by Israel Shipyards (according to the magazine). The relationship between Israel and Azerbaijan, especially in terms of defense purchases, has been tightening in recent years. This is yet another purchase of Israeli weapons by the government in Baku.

A major military exhibition is expected to take place, for the first time, in September in Baku Azerbaijan. Numerous Israeli companies are expected to take part in the exhibition. IsraelDefense will also be there.

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