ADEX: IMI Presented the "Predator Hawk"

At Azerbaijan's largest military exhibition, Israel Military Industries (IMI) presented its new guided rocket with a range of 250 km and an accuracy of 10 meters

ADEX Exhibition in Azerbaijan: Israel Military Industries (IMI), has presented in the exhibition, which ended on Saturday, its new precision rocket, with a range of 250 km and an accuracy of 10 meters.

The rocket, called "Predator Hawk", carries a warhead weighing 200 kg. The "Predator Hawk" belongs to a family of rockets that have a GPS-based guidance mechanism, from the "Magic Spear' rocket with a range of 40 km to the EXTRA rocket with a range of 150 km, which gained commercial success.

The different types of rockets are responsible for tens of percent of IMI's revenues in recent years, and are all being launched a standard launcher called LYNOX. Even the new rocket does not require any special launcher.

The "Predator Hawk" was revealed for the first time in an exhibition held in Kazakhstan a few weeks ago.