Since 1991 Romtes technologies Ltd is focused on live ammunition training solutions for shooting ranges. using its SCT revolutionary unique patented technology, Romtes enables clients, worldwide, mobility of training ,saving training time ,saving ammunition costs, increasing safety on shooting ranges and train in more realistic results focused scenarios.

With state of the art production capabilities and cutting edge designing, ROMTES brings the clients the best solution available and also the flexibility in customize solutions if needed.

We are proud to serve clients from the Israeli special forces, Israeli Prime minister Office ,NATO forces and special forces, IsraeliPolice special forces Yamam , Israeli Border Patrol police school , Israeli national police school and More

List of services provided by Romtes :

ATSR advanced target shooting range
- Unique Worldwide patented SCT Short Circuit Target with 4 scoring zones as a standard
- Pop up targets
- Rotating targets
- Pop up and rotating universal targets
- FAST- Fast assembled SCT
- SCTRV SCT moving rover target without track
- SCTMT SCT moving targets on tracks
- Air to ground targets
- Armor targets

DCBT Designing Consultancy Building and
- Turn-key projects
- Turn-key Training facilities for infantry ,armor and more
- Indoor ranges
- Outdoor ranges
- Skeet and trap Ranges
- Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Shoot houses
- Shooting ranges refurbishing

CPS- Customized Product Services
- Romtes technologies listen to its clients. We can manufactures your ideas and needs by our CPS services almost any product is possible.

Romtes technologies Ltd, the path to protection


Romtes Map
Hataas 24 street, Kfar Saba ,44425<br/>Israel

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