Emtan Karmiel

has long been a leader in firearms parts manufacturing worldwide since 1977 and growing. Innovations and Specialization is the Key. Our expertise is the machining of stainless steel, aluminum and high carbon steel materials for various weapons, including the M16, M4, AR15, and .308, 7.62 as well as custom made parts, all are with the highest Certifications (ISO 9001:2008), licensed firearm dealers and manufacturers.

Emtan Karmiel's headquarters extends to 2000 sq meter with Research and development, manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Qualified supplier for: IMI, IDF, Rafael and Israel Ministry of Defense according Israeli legislation. With wide range of experienced teams resulting "Top Gun" products worldwide.

Contact Person: Dror Zada


Emtan Karmiel Map
P.O. Box 273, Karmiel 20100, Israel

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