Afcon Control and Automation

Established in 1979, Afcon Control and Automation - a wholly owned subsidiary of Afcon Industries Ltd is a turnkey supplier and systems integrator of mission critical systems.
Afcon provides an all-inclusive variety of valuable solutions to customers around the world in fields such as manufacturing process automation, establishment of management systems, Human Machine Interface and SCADA systems, wireless/cellular telemetry, communication interfaces, transportation systems as well as security measures which include intrusion detection, CCTV, biometric identification and more.


AFIK is an intelligence security consulting firm which was established out of a vision and concern for the security of the global business community in this time of heightened attention to the impact of terrorism on everyday activities.
The services the company offers save and provide protection for both human lives as well as information. AFIK provides consulting, training and behavioral guidance for the prevention of criminal, commercial or terror attacks.

Agent (Aspectus) Video Intelligence

Agent Video intelligence ltd. (formerly Aspectus Video Intelligence Ltd.) is an Israeli company supplying cutting-edge video intelligence products. The company s products are intended for large-scale video surveillance networks, comprised of as much as hundreds and up to thousands of cameras.

AGS Encryptions

AGS Encryptions Ltd. is the only computer security company that rates your security status before and after we install our tools and employ our services.
The AGS Security Solution is based on the Intractability Turing Machine - a procedure developed in part at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology - which offers objective measures for penetration effort faced by a hacker focused on violating a clients data integrity.
The security provided by AGS is based on powerful tools and methods for which patents have been granted and pending.


Established in 1983, Aitech has built a reputation as a qualitative leading supplier of rugged military and commercial embedded computing solutions, optimized for harsh environments, for an extensive list of high-profile projects, including many for defense industry and space programs.
The company s products and capabilities include VME and CompactPCI for defense and space applications, radiation tolerant & MIL-SPEC solutions, VMEbus and CompactPCI boards, enclosures and sub-systems, and hardware system integration.

Al Cielo Ltd

With over 40 patents, global facilities and a decade of experience, Al Cielo has established itself as a developer and producer of electro/fiber-optical systems, applying innovative, advanced technologies to a broad range of inertial control and navigation solutions.
The company's products and systems feature advantages such as the latest telecom technologies, superior precision, the best performance-to-volume ratio, with applications covering UAV guidance/control, navigation, missile guidance, flight controls, target acquirement systems and much more.

Alpine Style

Alpine Style is a leading importer and supplier of wide-ranging, high quality sports, travel and field equipment and services.
Staffed by experienced and veteran expedition and travel instructors, Alpine Style offers various equipment for operating and living in the field, such as tents, sleeping bags, clothing, footwear, backpacks, flashlights, sunglasses, climbing equipment, field cooking, as well as climbing and surfing equipment, cooking equipment, and much more.

Amit Industries Ltd

Amit Industries assembles and markets standard and custom-made battery packs, under the brand name of "Amicell", in a wide range of technical formats such as Li-Ion / Polymer, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and more, as well as various charging systems.

Anglo Israel Control Systems AICS

Anglo Israel Control Systems (AICS) is responsible for the production of various high precision, large volume, bent and formed metallic parts for the communications, defense, and electronics industries across the globe.

Applicure Technologies Ltd

Established in 2004, Applicure Technologies Ltd. develops leading multi-platform web application security software products for website and web application protection against external and internal attacks. Built upon years of research into hacker behavior, Applicure solutions feature a comprehensive knowledge base to identify attacks accurately, and stop them before they reach the website or application.

APT Advanced Power Technology LTD

Established in 1985, APT is a leader in the field of power conversion systems, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of high and low voltage power supplies for the military and industrial applications of its global clients.
The company adheres to and maintains ISO 9001:2000 compliance, with its production procedures meeting U.S Mil Spec standards

AR Algorithmic Research

ARX is a leading global provider of digital signature solutions for industries such as healthcare, government, engineering and others. ARX engineers and scientists have decades of professional experience in security and standard digital signature applications. The company offers products such as CoSign®, a digital signature solution which allows clients to keep their businesses running smoothly by fully automating and quickly scaling processes with proper controls and at a low cost.