A.D. Consultants Ltd

For over 20 years, A.D. Consultants has dealt in providing military and security training and consultancy services to a wide range of global clients, in addition to as providing new and surplus equipment for police, air force, navy, and ground forces. The company focuses on security-oriented equipment, pilot and technician training, police equipment, communications, ammunition and more, with its dedicated global network allowing for swift deliveries to any destination across the globe.

A.I.C. Systems Ltd

A.I.C Systems is a leading specialist in the field of Bihler multi-slide technology. The company is dedicated to producing high precision, large volume, pressed, bent and formed metal parts for the Automotive, Communication, Electronics and Defense Industries by means of the several state-of-the-art Bihler presses at it's factory in Or-Akiva.
A.I.C Systems designs and manufactures various tools and high volume pressed, stamped, bent, and formed metal components, made of materials such as mild-high carbon and stainless steel, copper, brass, beryllium, copper and nickel.

AccuBeat Ltd

AccuBeat handles the design, development and manufacture of accurate Rubidium Frequency Standard, GPS-Rubidium Clocks and Time & Frequency control products.
The products are designed for commercial applications as well as for military use (networks, test equipment, military communication systems, C&C systems), and provide a 10-12 frequency accuracy range, 10-13 frequency stability range of and time accuracy in the range of nanoseconds.


Achidatex is a leading developer and manufacture of high-quality combat-proven body armor and ballistic products used by defense and military forces around the world.
Achidatex provides armor Vests which can be supplied to meet both stabbing and ballistic threats, offering vests which provide either one form of defense or incorporate both. The company produces battle pouch units for magazines and grenades and concealable armor phase-change vests, which adapt to the wearers body temperature and maximizing individual comfort.

Achidatex Nazareth Elite Ltd

ACHIDATEX is a prominent manufacturer of cost-effective multi-purpose dry storage systems designed for military purposes, protecting against damage and ensuring combat-readiness. The tailor-designed multipurpose structures hermetically cover all forms of various tanks, self-propelled guns and heavy vehicles such as Leopard and Centurion as well as additional equipment.

Ackerman Printing & Photoanodize

Established in 1953, Ackerman Printing & Photoanodize specializes in production of anodized aluminum labels, through the use of metal-photo technology, pad printing and screen printing.

Acktar Ltd

Acktar is a global leader in the development and production of proprietary black light-absorbing coatings which are based on vacuum-deposition technologies, are ecologically clean, and in many cases replace traditional processes which are sources of pollutants and toxic substances.
Applications of Acktar's industrial coatings include internal parts of optical systems; cold shields and other IR detectors parts; thermal radiators for thermal control system; UV and IR light-absorbing tapes; radiation absorbing layers; heat dissipation coatings for electronic systems and more.

ACS Advanced Coding Systems Ltd

Established in 1999, ACS Advanced Coding Systems Ltd. is the only worldwide producer of industrial grade glass-coated amorphous magnetic MicroWire.
ACS offers a list of competitive solutions which include smart labels and tags as well as readers and detection systems, for a wide range of applications. MicroWire-based products include identification, authentication, and anti-shoplifting solutions which deliver increased security and absolute identification.

Actimize Solutions

Established in 1999, Actimize Solutions is a leading world-known company specializing in aspects of financial crime, risk and fraud management for a wide range of companies and organizations, touching on insurance, retail banking, capital markets, government and energy fields.

Aero-sol - Aeronutical Solotion LTD

is a composite material product manufacture,
We design develop and manufacture products for the military, security and aerospace markets.
Our product offer exceptional strength to weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties, and unique geometric design- combination of qualities that no other technology can provide.

Our fields of expertise:
Radomes for antennas- aerial naval and ground.
Helmet and head gear protection
Payloads and camera enclosure
Unmanned aerial vehicles- U.A.V
Custom design part and components

Aeronautics Ltd

A leading developer and manufacturer of naval products and solutions, Aeronautics development of its Seastar Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), an unmanned, remote-controlled vessel capable of carrying out naval or maritime missions represents a revolution in terms of maritime operations. Seastar systems have already been procured by clients worldwide, taking advantage of the system s unique, cutting-edge capabilities for man civil, military and Homeland Security (HLS) applications, from coastal patrol and strategic facility protection to ISR assignments and force protection.

AES Advanced Evacuation Systems Israel

Founded in 2000 and based in Israel, AES Israel Ltd. develops and markets evacuation systems for rescue of individuals from multistory structures such as office buildings, residential properties, hospitals, airports, and stadiums. The company s products includes its Advanced Modular Evacuation System (AMES), a rescue chute that is triggered by the activation of fire alarm. This system and others are used by fire departments, government, and civil emergency units across the globe.