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The Sinai – An Epicenter of a Mounting Islamist Insurgency

A recent attack on a military vessel north to Rafah is the second attack against a maritime Egyptian target in the Mediterranean, conducted by ISIS affiliated group and a part of the group's initiative to extend the theaters of conflict beyond the territory of Sinai. Dr. Shaul Shay on the region and the Islamic State's Egypt affiliate: Sinai Province

Scene of car explosion in Gaza, July 19, 2015 (Photo: Arab Social Media)

ISIS Blamed for String of Car Bombs Detonated in Gaza City

Several vehicles belonging to members of Hamas' and Islamic Jihad's military wings exploded in the Gaza Strip Sunday morning. Suspicions point to an Islamic State-affiliated group in the Gaza Strip

Weapons confiscated during the apprehension of the terror cell (Photo: IDF Blog)

IDF and ISA Join Forces to Arrest Assailant of June 19 Attack

On June 19, 2015, a terrorist stopped an Israeli vehicle, pretending to ask for directions. When the vehicle stopped, he opened fire, moderately injuring one civilian and severely injuring Danny Gonen, who later succumbed to his wounds. Nearly a month later, the terrorist cell was captured in a joint Israel Security Agency (ISA) and IDF operation

Saudi Prince to visit Israel?

Rumors that Saudi Arabia has sent Prince Talal bin Waleed to Israel in order to foster a relationship between the two states give hope for improved relations and a different Middle East

Egypt's Arms Diversity Strategy

Egypt has learned its lessons and decided to reduce the overreliance on one arms provider, the US. Dr. Shaul Shay on Egypt's ties with Russia, China, Germany and France, as part of the strategic priority that is diversifying the sources of Egypt’s armaments
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