Sailing the Waves of the Past

A book by Rear-Admiral  (res.) Ze’ev Almog provides a glimpse into the history of the Navy and an inside look from the perspective of someone who was there all along

The Quest for a New Doctrine

This expanded and updated edition of the book by Dr. Haim Assa and Maj. Gen. (res.) Yedidia Yaari attempts to provide answers to the modern defense challenges

On Flexibility / Meir Finkel

Brigadier General (res.) Dr. Dani Asher, author, lecturer, and veteran intelligence officer, reviews Colonel Dr. Meir Finkel’s book on “The element of surprise in warfare”. The author claims that knowing how to recover quickly from battlefield surprise is imperative in force planning

Playing with Fire

In a book outlining the history of wargaming, Martin van Creveld reflects on the full span of a large variety of games. Mauro Manatovani believes it is “a masterpiece”

Deputy Corps Cdr., Ehud Barak at Beirut’s captured airport (Photo: Yossi Ben Hanan)

Large-Scale War, Narrow Perspective

Brigadier General (Res.) Dr. Dani Asher reviews a new book on the Yom Kippur War

The Forgotten Spy

Dr. Shaul Weber tries to find out who wanted to erase the memory of the spy who committed suicide in Cairo
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