Unmanned Systems

The Fronts are Heating Up

Hours before the Palestinian unity government was sworn, the IDF attacked in Gaza in response to rocket fire. In the Northern region the IDF responded with artillery fire to a mortar shell fired from Syria. In all the events, there were no injuries or damage to Israeli forces

Behind Bars

ISA has revealed that in recent months it had discovered 11 cases of security prisoners who tried to carry out attacks and kidnappings of Israeli soldiers and civilians

Elbit to Supply HLS Systems in Latin America

Elbit Systems was awarded a $133 million contract to supply integrated systems for HLS applications for a customer in the Latin American region. The contract will be performed over a one-year period

Covering Your Tracks

The elite “Rimon” unit participates in a unique series of exercises aimed at enhancing their geological understanding and nocturnal navigation of the desert. A rare glimpse into this unit’s unique operational training

Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon at the Northern exercise of the Golani Brigade (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, IMOD)

Northern Exercise

The Golani Brigade held a large-scale exercise in the North of Israel today (Tuesday). During the exercise, the Minister of Defense referred to violent confrontations that took place at the Yitzhar settlement between residents and security forces: "We will address this violent act harshly

Nation-E’s Daniel Jammer and Miriam Feirberg, Mayor of Netanya

Municipality of Netanya Presents: Energy Security Project

Nation-E and the municipality of Netanya launched the first energy security project in Israel. The project’s goal is to construct a municipal wide smart grid that will ensure the lights in the city never go out

On the Scent

Explosives, drugs and even paper money - these dogs can detect almost anything. Ofer Zidon spent a day with the dogs and handlers of the Israel Border Police and found a large family that knows how to get the job done

The Next Target: Mass Media Channels

You thought that Hamas' cyber attack on Israeli media last week is a unique case? Well, Ram Levi uncovers the truth behind the recent attacks on media outlets around the world, a threat the World Economic Forum named - "digital firestorm"
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