Unmanned Systems

Troubled Times - Interim Reckoning

During Operation Protective Edge, the market and the citizens of Israel demonstrated resolve and determination. Asaf Ashkenazi in a third, special article in preparation for the HLS Israel conference in November 2014

IMI Establishes New HLS Directorate

IMI intends to expand its activity in the field of homeland and home command security in the framework of a directorate, which will concentrate all the know-how and expertise it has accumulated. The HLS directory is to be headed by Nir Regev, former head of Security Division at the PM’s office

Preparing for Emergencies - the Next Generation

Preparations for national emergencies in the State of Israel is mostly done by a group of consultants who recycle outdated military concepts instead of developing a data analysis system capable of providing realistic scenarios. A wake-up call!

Minister of Defense visits Rafael (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, IMOD)

Eighth "Iron Dome" Battery Activated

MAFAT has completed the deployment of an additional battery of the Iron Dome system to help protect large areas from the threat of rockets

Maracanã stadium, Rio de Janeiro – Taken by the Heron UAV this week (Photo: Brazil Federal Police)

Heron UAS: Another Israeli System Securing Brazil

Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron UAS takes part in securing Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup Games. Its main missions are to gather and provide data and information, to support the use of operational means against criminal and terrorist organizations
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