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Zoom's Popularity Explodes, But Security Shortcomings Emerge

Security vulnerabilities of the Zoom video conferencing platform used by millions of people worldwide has sparked concern in both the public and private sectors. The company says it takes its users' privacy, trust and security very seriously and is working to ensure that users can stay operational and connected amid the coronavirus pandemic.    

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UK May Adopt Mobile Surveillance of COVID-19 Patients

The country's data watchdog has said that mobile phone data can be used in the struggle against the contagious disease as long as appropriate safeguards are in place. The UK could use the mobile phone data to send health alerts, determine whether citizens are avoiding public places, and identify patterns in movements, among others.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia Allegedly Using Mobile Tech to Track its Citizens in US

A whistleblower is said to have provided data showing that Saudi Arabia's three largest telecom companies secretly requested information on the location of Saudi citizens in the US millions of times. The requests were reportedly made so often that they may have enabled tracking to within hundreds of meters of accuracy.  

The Israeli pavilion at Eurosatory 2018. Photo: Ministry of Defense Spokesperson's Office  

Eurosatory 2020 Exhibition Cancelled

The largest European arms show, which is held biennially in Paris and attracts about 100,000 visitors, has been called off due to the spread of the coronavirus in France. Eurosatory will next be held in June 2022. Organizers took the step due to the inability to meet the conditions for preparing and running the event

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US, Israeli Emergency Management Bodies Set Up Mechanism to Fight Coronavirus

The emergency management authorities of Israel and the US held their first joint talks along with representatives of Israel's Health Ministry, Israel's National Security Council, the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The two sides decided to establish joint working groups and mechanisms to exchange information

President of Turkey Racep Taip Erdogan. Archive photo: AP

The Turkish Intelligence

One of the primary goals of the Turkish Secret Service, the MIT, is penetration/control of the Kurdish PKK. Another target is Fethullah Gûlen’s organization, namely Hizmet. The MIT has had very sound relations with the CIA since the 1950s and has always had good relations with the intelligence agencies of Russia and Middle Eastern countries but has never had an effective and stable network of agents and collaborations with European intelligence services
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