Photo: IDF

The Gray Revolution

‏The IDF Combat Engineering Corps has been undergoing a revolution in recent years, intended to adapt the Corps to the modern battlefield. In a special interview, IDF Chief Engineering Officer, Brig. Gen. Ilan Sabag, discusses the revised concept regarding the subterranean medium

The 334th Battalion in exercise (Photo: IDF)

Rockets instead of Aircraft‏

The introduction of missiles and rockets of various ranges into the combat setup of the IDF has facilitated the transition of the Artillery Corps from the tactical category to the strategic one. Special interview with the commander of the 334th Artillery Battalion

Namer APC (Photo: IDF)

Active Protection for Maneuvering Forces

Nucleus units operating autonomously – that seems to be the future trend of land warfare. However, these units need protection in order to maneuver – and tactical radars offer the solution. Special interview with RADA Electronic Industries' CEO, Dov Sela
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