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China’s new strategic positioning

Commentary:  An economic and intelligence war is developing between China and the United States. Nations are not corporations and they do not compete against one another as companies always do, but they certainly compete for markets, financial resources, technologies and cultural or influence operations.

Ella Rosenberg, CEO of the Israel-EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Photo provided by the author

Directive 6 AMLD and its impact on the drone sector in the EU

Commentary: Some industries which are in crucial need for social impact, such as the drone industry, will now need to comply not only with privacy and the EASA’s regulations, but also with the new anti-money laundering framework. 

Security forces on a street in Tripoli, Libya. Photo: Reuters

The Libyan crisis in the summer of 2020

Commentary:  A terrible game is being played regarding Libya. All of the Libyan parties are reflections of foreign countries. How will the Libyan crisis be resolved? 

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The Relations Between the United States and Poland

Commentary:  Now that the Warsaw Pact is annihilated and much of it has even entered the West, the centre of gravity of a Western countermove against the Russian Federation - now isolated from the context of the old Warsaw Pact - can only be Poland. The greater the coldness between Poland and the EU - not so much politically but strategically - the greater the link between Poland and the United States.

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Is Yemen Turkey’s Next Stop After Libya?

Ankara’s military interventions in Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as its growing presence in the eastern Mediterranean constitutes a radical change in Turkish foreign policy. Its recent success in Libya demonstrates Ankara’s regional heft. Turkey’s next intervention is probably in Yemen.

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The Military Agreement between Syria and Iran

Commentary:  An important strategic fact is that this new agreement pushes the traditional relationship between Syria and Russia aside, both defensively and technologically and politically. It is an attempt at strategic "substitution" that could have long-term effects.

A Russian Yars ICBM system. Photo; Reuters

The Russian Missile and Nuclear System

Commentary: Under an Executive Order issued recently by Russia, nuclear weapons are defined as "only as means of deterrence" whose use is always an "extreme and compulsory" measure. But Russia foresees itself having a nuclear force which can quickly inflict as much damage as possible upon any attacker

Launch of the Ofek-16 satellite on July 6. Photo: IAI 

The Israeli Military Satellite Ofek-16

Commentary:  With the Ofek-16 satellite, Israel can observe the whole Middle East and other regions with great precision. Undoubtedly, the satellite is designed to closely monitor the Iranian nuclear program, but the race for satellite imagery intelligence has now spread to the entire Middle East and the Maghreb region.
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