The nuclear reactor in Bushehr. Photo: REUTERS/Raheb Honavandi 

Opinion: Iran is waiting for Biden

Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Raphael Ofek addresses the differences between the positions of the incoming Biden administration, European countries, and the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding the nuclear agreement

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Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates: The new geopolitical 'triangle'

Commentary: After decades of conflict, Israel and the most important countries of the Arab-Muslim world have not only initiated a political-diplomatic dialogue, but also a series of joint operations with the aim of isolating the common enemy, namely the Iran of Ayatollahs, and secretly working together to redefine the setup of the region

An image of the lunar surface taken by China's Chang'e lander. Courtesy of CNSA/CLEP

China’s conquest of space

Commentary: The Chinese are firmly following the path of independent development and innovation to enhance manned spaceflight without the help of anyone else. With the hard work of generations of astronauts, China has gradually grown and developed into a space power, with distinctly Chinese characteristics

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Anno Domini 2020: Not only COVID-19

Commentary: The pandemic has dominated the headlines for almost a year, but many sensitive issues in international relations remain unresolved. If not analyzed and tackled with rationality and pragmatism, there could be major consequences for the geopolitical equilibria of the world's most delicate regions 

The research ship Polarstern as seen during an Arctic mission in 2015. Photo: Alfred Wegener Institute via Abaca Press/REUTERS

Arctic and subarctic straits and seas in trade and geostrategy

Commentary: The Northeast Passage is the shortest sea route from Europe to Asia. Its only disadvantage is that it cannot be crossed for about six months a year. However, global warming is changing the rules of the game, and concerns have been raised over the impact of increased traffic 
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