Mandi Kogosowski

Journalist and content editor for Israel Defense / Cybertech website in both English and Hebrew. Work focuses mainly on the social, (geo)political and ethical aspects of cyber, AI, and big-tech. Graduate of The American University of Paris (BA), The University of Edinburgh (MSc), and Tel Aviv University (PGDip). For tips, story ideas or just to say hi, please contact via Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mandi-kogosowski-1a673bab/

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine from Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, to inspect the progress of the coronavirus vaccine. Photo credit: Ding Haitao / Xinhua / Latin America News Agency via REUTERS

US blacklists 34 Chinese tech companies, citing “brain control weaponry”

A total of 37 entities from China, Georgia, Malaysia and Turkey were placed on the Department of Commerce’s Entity List

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Log4J vulnerability causes global panic

Due to its ubiquity, this recenlt-discovered vulnerability will likely take a very long time to fully repair - something malicious actors can use to their advantage. Countries around the world have issued warnings