Dan Arkin

A Chinese aircraft carrier during an exercise, 2019. Photo: Oriental Image via REUTERS

US Defense Department: Chinese Navy is largest in world

According to a special report on the topic of military and security developments involving China, the country today has a force of 350 naval platforms. Also, there has been advancement in the building of the fleet's third aircraft carrier that will be larger and more sophisticated than its predecessors  

The MQ-9 Reaper drone. Photo: US Air Force website

New artificial intelligence system for American drone

The Reaper MQ-9 is now equipped with an ultramodern pod that enables location and identification of targets and tracking of them using algorithms based on machine learning. The first test flight took place last week 

Photo: US Cyber Command website

US Cyber Command shifts from defense to offense

The command moved to a new headquarters in Georgia where an advanced operations center was established to enable the command to combine data and intelligence with operations and thus participate fully in offensive and influential operations

Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti (L) of Kosovo and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. State Department Photo by Freddie Everett/Public Domain

Kosovo normalizes relations with Israel

Trump at the White House: normalization of ties between Israel and Kosovo, the moving of Serbia's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and economic ties between Serbia and Kosovo. The agreements were welcomed by Netanyahu 

Emirati F-16s during a joint flight with US aircraft. Photo:  Chris Drazgowski/US Navy/Handout via REUTERS

What types of cooperation are possible between Israel and the UAE

An Emirati analyst estimates that cybersecurity, missile defense, electronic systems and others are potential fields of cooperation between the two countries, which operate similar aerial platforms and see Iran as an adversary 

Dubai. Photo: BIGSTOCK/copyright: Zoom-zoom

UAE abolishes boycott of Israel

Business transactions, agreements, financial activities and trade in products from the two countries were permitted. A government decree from 1972 declaring the imposition of the boycott was repealed