Atai Shelah

Colonel (Res.) Atai Shelach began his military career in the Engineering Corps where he rose to command the elite combat engineering unit, Yahalom. His last post in the IDF was head of the Warfare Doctrine Department.

Photo: IAI

High Time for Ground Robotics

Robotic capabilities are already being utilized in the air and at sea for various missions. It is high time for robotics to be used in the ground theater, too, as the need for it on the battlefield will grow even more acute in the future

An Israeli Jet preparing fot takeoff (Photo: IDF)

"East, West, North and South"

The map of strategic threats facing Israel is only becoming more complex. Colonel (res.) Atai Shelach in a special review of the challenges facing Israel on all fronts and along all of its borders

Operation Protective Edge – What is Next?

Operation Protective Edge left a mark not just with regard to the operational-military aspect, but with regard to the collective national mood as well. Brig. Gen. (res.) Atai Shelach offers solutions for the civilian and military challenges of the next round of fighting

End of the Classic War Era

Israel has been engaged in a different kind of war since the late 1990s. The defense establishment must, therefore, develop relevant new tools for dealing with the challenges and threats looming along our borders

"Out of the Depths"

During Operation Protective Edge, the State of Israel revised its working assumption regarding the subterranean threat. The former commander of the YAHALOM Unit, Colonel (res.) Atai Shelach, about the lessons learned during the fighting in the Gaza Strip

Underground Maneuvering

Against the background of the operation in Gaza, and following a large-scale infiltration attempt through a tunnel Thursday morning, we go back to the special analysis by Col. (res.) Atai Shelach on the need to understand the subterranean medium

The Subterranean Medium: The Desirable vs. the Available

In Israel, everything possible is being done to locate terrorist tunnels – but that is not enough. The former commander of the IDF YAHALOM Unit addresses the need for a technological solution for real-time detection that would constitute a tie-breaker in this struggle