Ronen Solomon

What Hides in the 'Box'?

Ronen Solomon reveals: the US embassy in Tel Aviv and other US embassies around the world possess devices similar to the one used for wiretapping purposes in Berlin, according to the investigation by Der Spiegel

The Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

Pakistani elements state that the agreement for paving the gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan includes a secret appendix that enables the paving of the pipeline to China, which could influence the effectiveness of the sanctions

A uranium enrichment facility at Qom, Iran / An facility for storing chemical warheads near Damascus

An Air Strike Imperative

An analysis by Ronen Solomon: postponing a military strike in Syria will commit the US military to striking with the use of aerial bombardments, in order to hit underground bunkers where advanced weapons have been stored

Armanazi (left) in the company of friends from the agency, at the house of the Syrian Ambassador in

The Syrian Overseeing WMDs

Ronen Solomon on Amr Najib Armanazi, head of the Syrian Agency for Scientific Research responsible for developing and manufacturing Syria's chemical weapons, who enjoys regular vacations in the west and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people

Seyed Ramin Miraziz Paknejad

Iranian Suspect Arrested

An Iranian has been arrested by the Malaysian police, and is suspected of being part of an Iranian terrorist network in Bangkok that planned to attack Jewish and Israeli diplomatic targets in February 2012

A Predator UAV armed with Hellfire missiles (via commons.wikimedia.org)

US Assassinations

US still cannot tell if senior members of Al Qaeda were among those killed in the Arab Peninsula

The US Prepares

What lies behind the terror alert issued by the US government to its offices and representatives around the world

Hamas Fighting in Syria

An operative of Hamas' security mechanism was declared a martyr after being killed fighting in the framework of the Al-Nusra organization in Syria

Under the Radar

IDF reveals Navy forces stopped a Yemenite vessel in the Red Sea six months ago. The announcement may teach about the ongoing effort against the smuggling of weapons from Iran, smuggling routes and the coordination between countries