Ronen Solomon

New York Subway

ISIS' Threat: Chemical and Biological

Intelligence researcher Ronen Solomon analyzes the reports of ISIS' threats to commit attacks in the subway in Paris and New York. What really drives the West to act against the Islamic State organization?

Midnight Express

The gunmen who ambushed him; his friendship with Nasrallah and Khamenei; the technologies he helped to develop - The complete story behind the life and death of Hassan al-Laqqis, the senior Hezbollah commander gunned down in Beirut

Collecting: Ronen Solomon

Hezbollah's Unit 133 Exposed

Ronen Solomon with new details about the secret terrorist unit, which have arisen from recent affairs in which it was involved

Iran Explosion: The Insights

What can we know about the explosion that occurred in northern Iran? Ronen Solomon analyzes the reports of a mysterious explosion at an "oil storage facility" in Qazvin

Assad's Biological Weapons

Will the Syrian Army revert to using biological weapons after the destruction of its chemical weapons? A comprehensive study reveals the scope of Syria's biological weapon industry, which includes such weapons as Smallpox and Anthrax

Targets of the Attack?

It is possible to assess that the target of the nightly attack in Syria was Russian-produced missile batteries, possibly S-125 missiles upgraded to S-300 systems. Al Arabiya is reporting that a target was attacked in Damascus in parallel to the Latakia attack