Meir Gershuni

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מאיר גרשוני, לשעבר בכיר בשב"כ ובעלים של חברת יעוץ לאבטחה.

The Attacks in Paris – A Known Surprise

France is at a crossroads in the wake of the terrorist wave of the past week, but first of all they must examine the failure of the French intelligence agencies, who failed to stop the terrorists, even though they were known to law enforcement. Meir Gershuni in a special article

The Ultimate Expression of Terror – Fear Mongering

The terrorist attack in a school in Pakistan is the latest in a chain of attacks aimed at educational institutions around the world. Meir Gershuni believes that this further illustrates the enormous gap between Western values to those of Islamic extremism and terrorist organizations

Lone Terrorist – A Role Model

Against the background of the increase in attacks by individual terrorists, Meir Gershuni, a former senior Shin Bet official, believes that a comprehensive strategic treatment of terrorists and their environment should be incorporated in training for intelligence gatheringLone Terrorist – A Role Model